Email remarketing automatically for your e-commerce site

SwiftCRM is a state of the art plugin, distributed with a SaaS end user license. It enables any shopping cart site to personalise product selection in emails, so every one is unique to each end consumer without costly human input. It starts by reviewing past purchases and browsing history. Then through a unique algorithm it begins to assimilate product in order of the greatest propensity for being purchased.

SwiftCRM is intelligent software, it learns: Email click through, browsed items, abandoned baskets, purchases, brands, price and offer response; it perpetually develops. It also learns the most effective timing of email delivery for each consumer.

SwiftCRM heralds the death-knell for segmentation and RFM grouping.

  • Fully Automated Program
  • Calculates Product Selection
  • Intelligent Perpetual Learning
  • Auto Email Creation
  • Individual Personalisation
  • Live Stats and Monitoring Included
  • 30 Day Free Trial Period

SwiftCRM comes with a free, no obligation 30-day trial, thereafter with options for monthly or discounted annual payments. Competitively priced at just £100pm per 10,000 customers.

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Delivering accurate emails for maximum return

Using SwiftCRM for emails has made an amazing difference. Our sales from emails has gone through the roof! We used to segment and spent ages doing RFM analysis, now it's done for us, made personal to each customer, on products they are interested in. The results are sensational!

Tony Troth MD Fisherman's Friend

If you'd told me the difference was this big I would never have believed you.


SwiftCRM is simple and easy to install. Simply choose the eCommerce cart software you use from the menu, and cut and paste the code offered, into the indicated section of the code on your site. It will work immediately. We have endeavoured to prepare many cart software types: many are in production. If your particular cart isn't listed then upon receipt of your...more


SwiftCRM offers a 30 day FREE trail for using the programme. After you complete registration and only after the system itself has checked there is no problem and it is working correctly does your trial period start.

We want our customers to be delighted that they are receiving all the benefits of....more


SwiftCRM has been developed for eCommerce retailers after 30 years in CRM highlighted a need for a tool not otherwise available, which took all the hard work out analysing individual customer needs. However this is far less important that the benefit it delivers, which vary with studies but start with a minimum increment of 30%....more