SwiftCRM identifies each consumer's buying pattern, then creates & delivers personal & individual emails, displaying products that have the greatest propensity for being bought. It runs with existing email solutions.

SwiftCRM is a state-of-the-art extension which personalises emails for each and every consumers for tomorrow's most prolific ecommerce retailers. It adds to the best weaponry in the retailers arsenal. It identifies interest, appetite and product affinity and creates unique emails; conscious of the personality of each and every individual shopper. What distinguishes SwiftCRM, is that it does this without need for any human input, and it is not the same as any other system out there. Through a unique algorithm built around a myriad of KPIs (key perfomance indicators), it assimilates product in order of the greatest propensity for being purchased. Independently verified by Experian* it delivers 6 fold increase in transaction rate, and an increase of 51% in CTR.

SwiftCRM is intelligent software, it learns. It learns when your shoppers respond best, when they look at their emails; and uses this to greatest effect. Email click through, browsed items, abandons, purchases, brands, price and offer response; are all in the mix. It perpetually nurtures loyalty and respect for the retailer.  

It is only focused exclusively on the email element of CRM. It distinguishes itself from other email software by not being able to be interferred with by campaigns, and not being able to influenced by what the retailer wants to promote. It does this because it is only interested in the products the consumer is most likely to buy. By doing this permanently, keeps it focused on its sole purpose. Retailers don't need to staff it, or learn how to use it. By doing so, it can't be upset by potential error such as not changing it back after a campaign etc. It's free to try and we can assure you will not be disappointed. It compliments other mailing systems. It's completely free to try for 30 days, without any obligation. 

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  • Fully Automated Program
  • Calculates Product Selection
  • Intelligent Perpetual Learning
  • Auto Email Creation
  • Individual Personalisation
  • Live Stats and Monitoring Included
  • 30 Day Free Trial Period

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Every customer's email in now personal and unique!

There aren't many things in business that actually stop you in your tracks and make you think "Wow, that's amazing!". But SwiftCRM has done just that. Our sales from emails has gone through the roof, as we can now convert over 40% of our abandons. 

Tony Troth MD Fisherman's Friend

I realised that there was a much better way of producing emails that worked for my customers.

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 SwiftCRM is simple and easy to install. Simply choose the eCommerce cart software plugin from the menu, and follow the three steps as instructed. It will work immediately. We have endeavoured to prepare many cart software types: many are in production. If your particular cart isn't listed then upon receiving your instructions we should have it...


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SwiftCRM offers a 30 day FREE trail for using the programme. After you complete registration and only after the system itself has checked there is no problem and it is working correctly does your trial period start.  

We want our customers to be delighted that they are receiving all the benefits of...



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SwiftCRM has been developed for eCommerce retailers after 30 years in CRM highlighted a need for a tool not otherwise available, which took all the hard work out analysing individual customer needs. However this is far less important that the benefit it delivers, which vary with studies but start with a minimum increment of 30%...